Alexandria Santorini – Rightful owner of Witchwood Estate.

Alexander Santorini - Alexandria's father (deceased)

Andrew Carmichael – Alexandria's friend and an In-between.

Andy Winterflood – Sheriff.

Annabella Lancaster – River's mother (deceased)

Aradia Abbots – Kat Abbots's mother.

Aunt Mindy

Bethany – tourist.

Bran Romanoff – Vampire and "son" of Clive and Dorothy Romanoff.

Bridget Chandler – waitress at Lancaster House.

Carmen Lancaster – witch. River's stepmother.

Clamenza – witch.

Clive Romanoff - groundskeeper at Lancaster House.

Dorothy Romanoff – housekeeper at Lancaster House.

Eden Lang – Andrew's missing girlfriend.

Felicity Santorini – Alexandria's mother (deceased)

Elizabeth Harvey – Daughter of Katriona Harvey and Frederick Lancaster.
Fern - Tree Sprite

Frederick Lancaster – gray wolf.

Nina  Rosenberg

Henry Wormwood – Carmen's henchman and waiter/butler in the Lancaster House.

Jacoby Harwood - Grounds keeper

Kat Abbots – Daughter of the Mayor and one of Ferntree Falls founding families.
Katriona Harvey – witch.

Kerry Winterflood – sheriff's wife. Mother of Mallory.
Marcus Lancaster – River's father.

Mallory Winterflood – sheriff's daughter.

Martha Barnaby – Olly's wife and Alexandria's Guardian.

Matilda Hemsworth – waitress at Lancaster House.

Mrs. Basset – The Barnaby's neighbour.

Raymond Graystone – Witchwood Estate caretaker. Vera's husband and Carmen Lancaster's lover.

River Lancaster. Heir to the Lancaster fortune and white wolf.

Roger Elvis Wilkins – Tour operator at Lancaster House & Winery.

Sally – waitress at Franco's Pizzas.

Samhain - Dark Lord.

Tom – Bethany's Husband - tourists.

Vera Graystone - Witchwood Estate caretaker, Raymond's wife, and Carmen Lancaster's half sister.

 Carmen is cursed with an unyielding desire for both power and men.

Lancaster House

Lancaster Wine Lable


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